Magoebaskloof in Limpopo Province, also known as ‘The Land of the Silver Mist’, is the kind of place you can come back to time and again – even if it’s just to make sure that it’s actually as beautiful as you thought it was when you saw it the first time. With the towering massif of the Wolkberg as backdrop and the pristine beauty of the surrounding grassland Haenertsburg Village will remind you of a Swiss Village, without the snow of course!
Rissik Street in Haenertsburg reminds one of the Pilgrim's Rest of old in Mpumalanga – also a former gold-mining town – with its trading-post buildings made of corrugated iron and shady roads.   Along this street you'll find several outstanding eateries, curio and antique shops, a museum and a rare second-hand bookstore.  Although the bookshop caters for all readers, its focus is on rare and collectible books and it has a big Africana collection.
It's not often that you arrive in a town and the first thing residents ask you is whether you've been to the cemetery. But that's exactly what happens in Haenertsburg. The views from this well-kept cemetery, which lies on a hill on the edge of the village, are astounding. The Louis Changuion hiking trail will take you past the cemetery into the grassland
This area, with it's clear mountain streams and rivers are becoming a sought after destination for keen fishermen.  Haenertsburg Trout Association keeps the waters stocked and members can book their fishing spot beforehand.  Many of the establishments also offers good fishing to their guests and day visitors.  Adventure enthusiasts will not go home disappointed as the activities offered varies from serious adrenaline to family sport.  Mountain biking, hiking or canopy tours. Pick your activity.
If there's one thing Magoebaskloof residents can do, it's organise festivals. They hold at least three festivals each year, most of them centered on the beauty of the area, such as the Spring Festival; or on local produce and amazing food, such as the Berry Festival or local produce, music and wine - The Haenertsburg Food Wine and Beer Festival.
What is your excuse for not being here?

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