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What is so special about the grassland?

The grasslands around Haenertsburg are officially known as the 'Woodbush Granite Grasslands'. They are the most threatened vegetation type in Limpopo Province, and the highest conservation priority, according to SANBI (South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria). What this means is that no forest, no tract of bushveld, no wetland in Limpopo is more important botanically, or more threatened, than these grasslands. They have an amazing diversity of plants and animals, with many medicinal plants which are used by traditional healers. Rare birds, mammals, amphibians and insects are found here too.

Friends of the Haenertsburg Grasslands

Friends of the Haenertsburg Grasslands (FROHG) is a group of volunteers dedicated to conserving the grasslands around Haenertsburg. We are also interested in related ecosystems such as forests, wetlands and rivers in this area, but the grasslands are our main focus.

What does FROHG do?

FROHG members help to maintain the Louis Changuion Hiking Trail, which is frequently used by tourists. We have begun rehabilitation work, with the support of Haenertsburg Rotary, on a large donga which periodically gushes mud into Georges Valley Road and which is steadily eating back into the grasslands, with loss of plants and topsoil. We remove alien invasive plants and litter from the grasslands. We engage with traditional healers in matters concerning plant extraction and utilization. And we are investigating ways to place plant utilization on a more sustainable footing. This may involve building a greenhouse/ nursery, with the help of the Agricultural Research Council (ARC). More information on:

Haenertsburg Grassland Image
Haenertsburg Grassland Image
Haenertsburg Grassland Image
Haenertsburg Grassland Image